These organisations have a collective goal to deliver a world-leading learning system that equips businesses with the knowledge, skills and values to be successful in our world today.

And money is tight. Education providers operate within a fiscally constrained framework supported by fixed operating grants from Government.

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With the rapid advances in technology in today's world, medical equipment quickly becomes obsolete or outdated. It is also traditionally capital intensive, with items such as CT scanners requiring large, periodic peaks in funding that are hard to budget for in a single financial year.

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IT & Telecoms

By identifying and working with key partners we have delivered financial solutions supporting the technology requirements of large enterprise and Government clients through to SME businesses.

"IT&T" is constantly evolving and, with the wider adoption of Cloud-based & Unified Communications Solutions, financial flexibility has been a key aspect of our offering. Equipment in the technology industries is affected by rapid depreciation and obsolescence. Moore's Law prevails and our customers need to stay ahead of the curve.

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Transport & Logistics

To meet this demand international and domestic freight networks are forever expanding and goods need to be shipped faster and more accurately than ever before. All aspects of the supply chain require investment in equipment, from the ports that receive and unload freight, to the warehouses that store it, the vehicles that transport it and the IT that tracks it.

The system never stops – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – and lost time is lost money in businesses where controlling margins is the key to success.

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On the supply side, traditional global sources of energy generation are focused on fossil fuels. We all understand this is unsustainable and sources of renewable or "green" energy are growing as a result.

On the demand side, the days of cheap power are over. Industrial power consumers are on the look-out for ways of utilising energy efficient technologies to reduce running costs and improve profitability.

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Industrial & Manufacturing

There are multiple challenges facing our economy. By being a strong contributor to our market economy and our international trade initiatives, the industrial and manufacturing sector often appears to shoulder a disproportionate level of responsibility in addressing these challenges.

The global scene we compete in is a complex and diverse environment and domestic business margins are increasingly being exposed to downward pressure off the back of the ever-increasing cost of basic operational resources.

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Primary Industries

Cows need milking, sheep need shearing, fruit needs harvesting. And all these valuable goods need to be processed and then find their way to their destination market and its consumers.

With so much capital tied up in agricultural assets, the equipment that supports the systems that bring agricultural goods to market are critical to ensuring a healthy return on this investment.

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This will cause them to look for options outside of paying cash up front or using traditional funding facilities.

It may be that aging technology is impeding productivity or introducing excessive maintenance costs. Changes in shareholding or partnership structures may mean that the capabilities or desires of stakeholders are not aligned in terms of further investment. A business may be seeking growth through acquisition, where the equipment assets of acquisition make up a sizeable chunk of the purchase price.

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