Delivering public sector services and increasing productivity and innovation in a fiscally constrained environment is a huge challenge for Government.

Add ageing equipment to the mix and you get increased failures, inefficiency, distraction and – inevitably – a drop in service standards. Raising the standards of infrastructure and asset management are key elements of Government's economic growth agenda. Equipment rental is an effective tool to equip Government agencies with the asset base they need to deliver on their public service goals.

Benefits of rental for Government:

  • Access to funding rates beneath Government cost of funds.
  • Setting up an alternative funding line through Quadrent reduces risk associated with not having funds available when they are needed. Quadrent's funding capacity and responsiveness helps agencies cope with unbudgeted expenditure easily.
  • Sale and Rent Back arrangements enable Government agencies to access sleeping capital tied up in balance sheet assets for use in other service-critical areas.



Historically equipment rental by Government has focused on information technology. While this is still highly relevant today, with the advent of managed service arrangements such as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and data centre outsourcing, greater attention is being applied to renting non-traditional equipment types as pay-for-use arrangements become more prevalent.

As such, Quadrent's rental offering for Government now has application to a wide range of assets including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Information technology
  • Office fit-outs and furniture
  • Plant and equipment
  • Energy assets such as power and cooling systems
  • Monitoring and metering equipment
  • Law enforcement front line equipment
  • Fire protection equipment
  • Border and biosecurity equipment
  • Telephony and radio communication systems
  • Transportation equipment