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At Quadrent we actively strive to be Australasia’s most trusted equipment finance provider with world leading tools for managing compliance and reporting on lease portfolios.

By being innovative, focusing on the relationships with our clients and employees and living our values daily, we make a genuine difference through continually changing the way people manage, report and lease assets.


Quadrent is the only equipment financier in Australasia assisting clients with IFRS16 compliance and offering world leading lease management software – LOIS (Lease Optimisation Information System).

LOIS offers numerous functions and reporting tools to help you manage leases and assets from inception to expiration. In addition LOIS will do all aspects of the upcoming accounting changes in leasing standards from the collation of data to the forecasting and impact on a business balance sheet.

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“As Chief Operating Officer of PwC, I’ve worked with Quadrent on the acquisition and leasing of our technology equipment for over 5 years and found the team to be professional and proactive at all times. With Quadrent, PWC can be confident it is working with a strategic partner who can be trusted, understands our business needs well and is focussed on achieving positive outcomes.”

Peter DoyleCOO of PWC New Zealand

Who we are

We help our clients reach their financial and business goals by delivering practical services for funding, managing and reporting on leased assets. At Quadrent our equipment financing is transparent, cost effective, flexible and ideally suited to assets that have a high rate of change.

We are staying ahead of IFRS 16 by providing our clients software solutions designed to manage and report on leased assets in line with new international standards.

Founded 18 years ago and now with offices in Australia and New Zealand, Quadrent has grown year by year because of a determination to make a difference to the lives of our clients and employees.

We are a company founded on the values of Knowledge, Commitment, Personality and Quality.

What we do

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