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Traditional no longer exists

By June 19, 2019 June 14th, 2021 No Comments

Managers of some of Australia’s largest and more progressive companies tell us that they continue to experience the changing landscape of the IT channel sector and it’s not uncommon for a new solution and technological breakthrough to occur almost daily, yet finance providers are often out of touch with the market.

Many leading IT partners working with corporate and enterprise clients experience equipment financiers that are still “thinking traditionally” and not always approaching opportunities progressively or from an informed perspective.

The fact is that  “traditional” no longer exists.


Unfortunately many finance providers still expect to see the standard mix of predominant hardware and a small proportion of software in the solutions they consider funding.

However, with an array of global technology vendors  delivering an ever-evolving platform of technological advances, clients have less dependence on hardware and a growing reliance on cloud-based hyper-converged solutions.

“For equipment financiers to continue to be relevant to their IT reseller partners and clients, they need to understand and embrace that client solutions are now a combination of hardware, software and business critical services and implementation support that morph together to provide a total solution being sold by their reseller” says Raj Merai; IT Channel Director at Quadrent, who spent 10 years at the ANZ bank before another 10 years as the Director for a global IT consulting firm working throughout Asia and the US.

As technology evolves and becomes more complex, technology vendors, resellers and their finance partners need to be able to articulate solutions in succinct plain terms allowing clients to grasp the relevance of finance as part of the overall solution that helps bring flexibility and agility to clients looking to deploy and adapt their IT solutions as their business needs change over time.”

“The IT Channel Division of Quadrent is experiencing more interest and engagement from clients and IT channel partners as a direct result of the company’s ability to be relevant. We provide a whole “asset lifecycle approach” to our clients and can talk their language with solutions designed to support new technology and the consumption models that clients are seeking.

“We understand that traditional is being replaced with “different, simpler and better”. We provide straight forward, plain English agreements to help clients with a range of value-adds including competitive pricing (as a result of Quadrent’s capacity to be an investing partner in deals), as well as buy back services of old IT platforms, proactive asset management and IFRS 16 compliance and reporting software.” says Simon Cubbin; General Manager Australia.

Earlier this year Quadrent was appointed as the exclusive equipment finance partner to Nutanix in Australia and New Zealand and was accredited as being the most proactive and progressive finance partner in any region globally with Nutanix at their group conference held in May 2019 in California.

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