Quadrent launches LOISlite

By September 24, 2019 June 14th, 2021 No Comments

As the only equipment financier in Australasia assisting clients with IFRS 16 accounting compliance and offering the industry leading lease accounting software solution LOIS, Quadrent is now uniquely positioned and excited to launch LOISlite!

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LOISlite is the next iteration of LOIS, run by experts that will allow you to easily evaluate your entire portfolio of assets and quantify the impact of the new standard. This will enable a simple and efficient ongoing business process. 

Using the world leading solution – LOIS – the Quadrent team will produce and provide all the critical lease information as a managed service to ensure full compliance with IFRS 16

Key benefits of LOISlite include;

  • The system is tried and tested with over 150 clients using the platform worldwide – we use standard templates and do all the processing for clients with standard excel outputs.
  • Help on hand – by having experts use LOIS with its proven functionality, you gain the experience of dedicated IFRS 16 accountants without managing the admin yourself.
  • All the team are qualified accountants and LOIS experts with many implementations under their belts. They have real world experience of leasing rather than simply technical skills.
  • We understand that changes happen – all modifications are catered for adhering to IFRS 16 standard requirements. Examples include extensions, terminations, rental changes, impairments and dismantling provisions.
  • Reports and statements at any time – the reports will accurately illustrate the financial statement requirements for compliance including income statements, cash flow & balance sheet disclosures. You can access these reports and data at any time.

If you require assistance with managing IFRS 16 compliance for sub 100 leases or are wanting to understand LOIS a little more – contact us here and we’ll reach out to discuss further.

Established almost two decades ago, at Quadrent we provide tailored financial solutions for almost all forms of equipment and items  – you can view our introductory video here. Our offering includes: lease and rental payment plans; asset management tools; and managed services.

If you have any upcoming projects or equipment that requires a financing solutions (including a potential sale and rent back of existing equipment) – we’re always happy to chat. Reach out to us, and we can discuss further.