Our story

Martyn and Tony founded Quadrent over 18 years ago with an intent to make a difference.

Not only did they want to make a real difference in the world of equipment finance, they also wanted to improve the lives of clients and employees.

Faced with an industry that was out of step with their own beliefs and values they knew there was a better way.  Marty and Tony approached things differently from the very beginning. They engineered better financial and business outcomes for their clients, solved problems and delivered upon their commitments time and time again.

Growing the Quadrent business has come from a constant focus on the client’s well-being, a genuine interest in understanding people and a knowledge of how to treat them well. It was this perspective that drove the definition of our core values of Knowledge, Commitment, Personality and Quality.

Today, Quadrent is Australasia’s leading and most trusted equipment financier and lease portfolio software provider. We continue to look ahead, seeking new ways to help clients and grow as a team of dedicated professionals who share Tony & Marty’s vision and values.

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Who we work with

Quadrent is trusted to provide leasing solutions for leading local and global brands across various industry sectors.

Meet the Team

“Vodafone has been working closely with Quadrent since 2007. We consider Quadrent to be our trusted financing partner to support our sales teams as they seek to provide the best technology, products and pricing that our customers demand. The Quadrent team know our markets and understand the challenges we face in a fast, changing tech world.”

Julian SmithHead of Commercial Finance – Vodafone

What we manage

$26 000, 000, 000 in Assets

30 000 leases

200 customers

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