Asset Information and Management Services

The complete solution for Asset Information and Management Services

Quadrent brings the expertise of accounting and equipment finance. We assist with all facets of equipment finance needs, from providing operating leases, to asset management, IFRS 16 compliance and reporting. The leasing cycles spans the life of a lease – from planning and procurement, through to disposal of the asset. It can be broken down into about five key steps.

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Plan & Procure
It’s challenging to plan and procure new technology for large-scale refreshes. Quadrent will establish a credit facility that covers the whole refresh and work with your suppliers to coordinate both the delivery of the new technology and timely payment to your partners.
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Deploy & Pay
We understand that maintaining supplier relationships is important and getting your equipment up and running efficiently is key. Quadrent will work with partners to ensure assets are deployed to agreed timeframes and that suppliers are paid on time.
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Account & Report
Using our Lease Optimisation Information System - LOIS - we ensure that all assets are accounted for and reported on in real time and you are compliant with the new lease accounting standard - IFRS 16.
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EOT Options & Ease
Prior to your lease end, Quadrent will proactively work with you on the best end of term solution, whether that is to return, extend, purchase or upgrade assets.
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Retrieve & Dispose
At the end (or beginning) of your lease Quadrent can collect, package, remove and wipe old assets using certified providers. This allows you to manage time and budget, and ensure the retrieval and disposal process is hassle-free and efficient
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