EOT Options & Ease

End of Term Solution

Prior to your lease end, Quadrent will proactively work with you on the best end of term solution, whether that is to return, extend, purchase or upgrade assets.

We don’t like our customers getting surprises, so we give you certainty at all stages of the lease lifecycle.

We Will Work With You For Best End Of Term Solutions

We will proactively reach out to you well before the end of the lease term to ensure you understand all your options, then work with you on the best solution for your business. That solution may be to return and replace assets, upgrade them, keep them by purchasing outright, or simply extending the lease period. Your business goals will determine the arrangement we provide.

If you choose to return assets, we are pragmatic, operating a like-for-like returns policy with no changes for reasonable wear and tear or missing peripherals.

Furthermore, if you are a LOIS customer, the software will alert and remind you of upcoming expiries to avoid automatic roll-over from other leasing providers, enabling you to avoid unwanted surprises.

The complete solution for Asset Information and Management Services

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Find out how Quadrent and LOIS will provide you with a solution to fund your new equipment but also the keys to unlocking valuable, actionable insights from within your lease portfolio.

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