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Reporting in Real Time

Using our Lease Optimisation Information System – LOIS – we ensure that all assets are accounted for and reported on in real time and you are compliant with the new lease accounting standards, IFRS 16.

Businesses need to have transparency of what is on lease, where it is, how much it is costing and how long the lease has until expiry

We Help You Manage Assets From Inception To Expiration

LOIS provides our customers with a consolidated portfolio view of all leases within the business structure and full IFRS 16 compliance, whether it be a single currency Australasian domiciled entity or a multicurrency global player with disparate systems and decentralised reporting. LOIS is capable of functioning as a stand-alone system or can integrated into any ERP through a library of API’s and Excel connections.

LOIS offers numerous functions and reporting tools to manage leases and the associated assets from inception to expiration. In addition, LOIS handles all aspects of the transition to IFRS 16 accounting standards and retrospective reporting on IAS17.

The complete solution for Asset Information and Management Services

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Find out how Quadrent and LOIS will provide you with the keys to unlocking valuable, actionable insights from within your lease portfolio and help you ease the burden of compliance.

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