Quadrent will enable you to deliver your technology solution via a cost effective leasing structure.

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Why Quadrent?

• We invest directly in your equipment
• We’re completely independent from assets and suppliers
• Have breadth across different funding lines to enable flexibility
• Provide an IFRS 16 and asset management software solution, called LOIS
• Focused on relationship management across the full lease lifecycle

Who we work with

Quadrent is trusted to provide leasing solutions for leading local and global brands across various industry sectors.

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What we manage
$26 Billion
In Assets

6 benefits of leasing technology with Quadrent

1. Take control of your cashflow

You don’t need to pay everything upfront, instead lease payments are spread over the useful life of that assets – typically 2 to 5 years.

2. Stay up to date

New assets are more efficient and cost-effective to run, so regular replacement with the latest technology increases productivity and profitability, providing tangible benefits to the bottom line.

3. Reduce costs

Quadrent invests cash in the asset for ownership which enables interest rates of 0% or less,  meaning leasing is almost always more cost-effective than financing using bank debt.

4. Avoid end of life ownership responsibilities

Assets at the end of their useful life can be distracting, time-consuming and costly, therefor we provide a full range of end -of -life services to assist with onsite decommissioning, packaging, transportation and secure wiping.

5. Manage your capital and debt

By not tying up your capital in asset purchases, you can use it to grow revenue through pursuing new growth opportunities, expanding operations, or making opportunistic acquisitions.

6. Partner with experts

Quadrent has extensive accounting and structured finance expertise to support different clients, vendors and supplier requirements, meaning you will have an ongoing partnership with our expert team who are focussed on agility and flexibility.

Who we are

We help our clients by delivering practical services for funding, managing and reporting on leased assets. At Quadrent our equipment financing is transparent, cost effective, flexible and ideally suited to assets that have a high rate of change.

We provide our clients with best of breed software designed to manage IFRS 16 accounting changes and report on leased asset.

Founded 18 years ago and now with offices in Australia and New Zealand, Quadrent has grown year by year because of a determination to make a difference to the lives of our clients and employees.

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