Quadrent was founded 17 years ago and have been growing every year because of a determination to make a measurable difference to the lives of our clients and employees.

Our Story

We strive to be Australasia’s most trusted equipment finance provider with world leading tools for managing compliance and reporting on lease portfolios.

We are a company founded on values of Knowledge, Commitment, Personality and Quality.

We help our client’s business reach their financial and business goals by delivering practical services for funding, managing, and reporting on leased assets.

At Quadrent our equipment financing is transparent, cost effective, flexible and ideally suited to assets that have a high rate of change.

We are staying ahead of IFRS 16 by providing to our clients software solutions designed to manage and report on leased assets in line with new international standards.

We make the seemingly complex simple, focusing on the wellbeing of our clients at all times.

Our team of innovative  experts have developed and manage a unique model which accesses institutional funds for equipment financing and world leading asset management software.

We are a genuine partner with our clients, investing in business critical assets with a limited useful life.

Our role is to help clients access the equipment and technologies they need – cost effectively, efficiently and with the flexibility to change when they need to.

At Quadrent, we strive to make a difference.

In todays world, the biggest driver of change is technology.

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