Retrieve & Dispose

Manage to end of term process to ensure it is hassle-free

At the end (or beginning) of your lease Quadrent can collect, package, remove and wipe old assets using certified providers. This allows our customers to manage to time and budget, minimise disruption to staff and ensure the retrieval and disposal process is a hassle-free and efficient experience.

We can collect and dispose of your old assets using certified environmentally-friendly processes so that you’re ready to launch your new project. We can also help with deploying the new leased assets.

We Help You Efficiently Manage Legacy Assets

We know that many businesses struggle to afford the time or cost to find, collect, package, remove and wipe the old assets, report on them, and arrange their replacement.

We understand that our customers have business-critical technology projects that need to be up and running fast. At some point, the headache of dealing with legacy assets needs to be addressed by all businesses. We help you and your technology partners get your project started faster by providing both asset finance and the ability to efficiently manage legacy assets.

The complete solution for Asset Information and Management Services

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Find out how Quadrent and LOIS will provide you with a solution to fund your new equipment but also the keys to unlocking valuable, actionable insights from within your lease portfolio.

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