Our services

Quadrent provides tailored financial solutions for all forms of equipment and items that have a limited useful life to Australasia’s large corporates and public sector organisations.

Quadrent funds a wide range of equipment types.

Our business model and our ability to truly invest in assets and relationships that support vendors, enables our partners and selected financed brokers to grow, and helps differentiate our customers in a rapidly changing market place.

Examples of items we regularly fund include French Oak wine barrels, commercial refrigeration, servers, laptops, complex infrastructure, managed services, furniture and fit out, AV solutions, testing equipment, medical equipment, software, solar and other intangibles. More specifically, the only assets we do not invest in are vehicles and real property.

Who we work with

Direct Customers

For almost two decades Quadrent has worked with Government, Institutional, and Corporate clients as a true investment partner. We are equipment agnostic and entirely focused on providing value by being different, better and simple to work with. Through our master rental facility structures, and our exclusive asset management and IFRS 16 compliant platform, we assist clients in their planning and procurement process, flexible lease structuring, asset management, reporting and disposal.

Intermediary & Broker

Quadrent works with a limited number of accredited finance brokers who are committed to excellence in customer relationships and align with our company values.  Quadrent has experience in assisting our preferred broker partners by not only providing competitive funding options, but also providing agreed levels of expertise and support to ensure they deliver something unique to their clients.

Vendor Finance

Quadrent has worked with selected vendors for 17 years helping their business grow and increase sales throughput to their customers. We have the experience in assisting our vendor partners by not only providing competitive funding options, but also providing agreed levels of marketing and sales support, white label programs and dedicated staff to vendors that achieve our Preferred Partner status.

What we offer

Lease and Rental services

Quadrent is equipment agnostic and will invest in a wide variety of assets, however in a rapidly changing technology world, it makes even greater sense to own items that appreciate in value and rent or lease items that depreciate. Quadrent is a true partner, investing in new technologies to provide cost effective rental leasing solutions to corporate clients across most industry verticals including Government, Institutional, Corporate, Health and Education.

Asset Management Services

Quadrent is recognised for its ability to provide industry leading IFRS 16 software tools that help clients report on, manage equipment and related expenditure associated with both the leases we provide, and other leases across a broader range of assets including cars, property and other items that sit on or off the balance sheet.

Managed Services

Quadrent is expert in developing structured finance models to support different clients, vendors and supplier requirements including managed services, and structured payment plans and project finance. Many vendors and clients have extended periods of time from the initial sign off on a deal to the final delivery and installation of equipment.  Quadrent understands how to align the funding requirement to the desired customer outcome securing and often significantly enhancing the value created by the project or service. This removes the tension between cost and revenue and in many cases expands the number and range of viable projects. Quadrent also can fund a combination of hardware, software and services, as well as provide bill, collect and remit services to make the payment process of multiple line items simple.

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