Quadrent is the only equipment financier in Australasia assisting clients with IFRS 16 accounting compliance and offering an industry leading Lease Optimization Information System (LOIS).

As the exclusive distributor across APAC,  Quadrent is uniquely positioned to support our clients in managing the transition to IFRS 16 Compliance. LOIS is currently managing $26b worth of assets for 50 clients, all of which are IFRS 16 compliant.

Lois is intuitive, simple and effective.

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LOIS provides clients with a consolidated view of all leases within the business structure and full IFRS 16 Compliance whether it be a single currency Australian domiciled entity or a multicurrency global player with disparate systems and decentralised reporting.

LOIS offers numerous functions and reporting tools to help manage leases and assets from inception to expiration. In addition, LOIS will do all aspects of the transition to IFRS16 accounting standards from the collection of data to the forecasting and impact on a business balance sheet.

As with all change comes the development of new products, structures and lease portfolio management solutions that will be relevant in the new world, which are now delivered through the features of the software and with the skills, expertise and experience we have throughout the team.

Once clients have completed the transition to IFRS 16 compliance using LOIS, Quadrent can then work with clients to develop insights generated from the data within the system to maximise and improve their lease portfolios. This will ensure that clients have the most suitable leasing arrangement for their business.

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