Flexible Lease Portfolio Management

Introducing LOIS – A solution to enable AASB 16/ IFRS 16 Compliance

Lease Optimisation Information System ‘LOIS’ is a leading innovation in lease portfolio management. LOIS is a hassle-free accounting solution that delivers all the transition tools and functionality needed to extract, validate and report on all the critical lease data. Watch this short video and discover how LOIS is the solution to your leasing management needs.

Lease Portfolios powered by LOIS

Worried about your IFRS 16 accuracy? Stress test your numbers with LOIS.

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"With Quadrent’s core leasing knowledge and the LOIS team's specialist accounting backgrounds we are able to leverage the functionality of the LOIS lease accounting platform in order to quickly deliver a full service solution for the IFRS 16 changes throughout the transition and in the future"
NRMA Senior Accountant

Fully customisable. Integrated via APIs

This is your summarised view of all your lease data
Get key messages and reports straight to your inbox
All IFRS 16 reports provided make use of the many other standard reports available. All reports are in excel format for ease of use.
You can filter your Dashboard by Lessee, Lessor, Lease Type, Currency
Easily identify your leases due to expire
Easily identify the average IRR / IBR rate assigned to leases (finance leases only)
Full Right of Use Asset and Liability disclosures

LOIS features at a glance

Instant IFRS 16 / AASB 16 compliance, including forecasting, modifications and journals.

All your leases in one portfolio utilising global analytics.

Easily customisable templates let you record exactly the data that is important to your business

Forecast different scenarios using numerous accounting standards (IAS 17, IFRS 16 and FASB ASC 842) to see how metrics change

Stand alone or full API enabled integration allowing you to run your lease portfolio with ease

Amortisation and depreciation schedules and full audit trails provide full data integrity and traceability

Flexible lease management system accounts for change at any detail

Full access control catering to large and small teams and organisational structures.

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We also provide a Managed Service offering of LOIS for organisations with sub 100 leases who are looking for a hassle-free, efficient solution.

Find out more about LOISlite here

Is your incremental borrowing rate up to date?

With the current environment in a constant state of change, it’s important to ensure your Incremental Borrowing Rate (IBR) is up-to-date and correct, especially for modifications. This will help avoid any compliance issues or balance sheet inaccuracies down the track.

If you are unsure of why an IBR is important or how to calculate it, our friends at Deloitte have put together some handy FAQs covering the what, why, when and how of IBR.

Incremental Borrowing Rate FAQs

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